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Detect, locate and handle cyber threats

By advanced SIEM system implementation

  • Provide end-to-end integrative solutions based on ArcSight system infrastructure
  • Define advanced use-cases in SIEM systems to detect and prevent complex threats
  • Design and implement tailor-made according to proprietary requirements for SIEM systems
ARC Sight

ArcSight can do anything. Just tell us what you want, and we shall do it.
Define and customize highly complex and sophisticated SIEM systems to detect and protect against events that threatens and endangers the security of organizational informatio

  • Customize software interfaces to integrate the organizations’ systems, out-of-the-box products and self-developed systems, into a single-point-of-management platform.
  • Monitor and control on-line data acquisition and log files, to detect exceptional events and threat states in raw data collected from the organization's systems.
  • Identify suspicious and unusual events in organizational behavior, employee behavior, network behavior and etc...
  • Define and create complexed use cases
  • Connect the organization's systems using any API for correlation, enrichment and reputation.

The integration between ELK and ArcSight systems enables the definition of different rules, and leverage the management of large amounts of data using the KIBANA sophisticated BI for advanced elastic search.

  • Advanced elastic search builds the interface and integrates between ArcSight and the ELK-based Data repository in the organization.
  • Develop system interfaces using KIBANA for data processing.

Our CYBER Protection Services

Information Security Managed Service​

Provide 24/7 managed serviced to support the information security systems in the organization

  • Offer on-line service and support to the operational SIEM systems in the organization, such as disaster recovery after system failures, corrupted data recovery and other failures that arise during normal system operation.
  • Provide immediate and urgent service in information security incidents, on tier-3 level complexities.
  • Provide around-the-clock managed services contracting.

Services for ArcSight-based systems

Build an end-to-end solution for a DR based on the customer’s needs with minimum costs


Offer training programs for SOC and operations staff, technical teams and for managerial level.

  • ArcSight for beginners SIEM systems.
  • ArcSight for experts / Advanced features SIEM systems.
  • On-site courses at customer's site.
  • 5 days course in our training center.

System Maintenance

  • Identify and handle resource bottlenecks and troubleshooting.
  • System errors handling.
  • Periodic inspection of interfaces to external systems.

Our Mission

Increase the security of organizational information and anticipate threats before they cause damage, and improve the level of protection of organizational information, by providing end-to-end SIEM solution.

We offer state-of-the-art information security solutions, advanced and integrative. A systemic solution that addresses today’s threats and predicts the threats of tomorrow.
We develop and adapt the appropriate solution to your organization as a one-stop information security solution, based on the existing systems in the organization, while optimizing and enhancing capabilities and resources.

Our Mission

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