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Managed Security Services (MSSP)

Setting a new standard for Monitoring

What is an MSSP?

MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) is a service that offers an end-to-end solution to protect your organization's data and network from various threats. The core of the MSSP is monitoring your organization's systems and detecting cybersecuirty threats. This enables your team to responds quickly and effectively to relevant threats only.

Why you should use an MSSP ?

Using an MSSP eliminates the maintenance and operation of an on-prem SIEM and SOC. Reduce your time to handle an incident. Cost effective compared to an on prem SOC. Skilled workforce. Answer to regulation requirements.

Why Choose CyberSIEM's MSSP ?

We Keep You Protected

Monitoring and Alert

The heart of the MSSP is the monitoring service (SIEM-SOC). We aim to give the customer visibility of his networks by receiving real time and managed alerts, from the monitored systems through a variety of communication channels. Receiving alerts in real-time, shortens response times and provides the ability to prevent attacks.

IR - Incident response

CyberSIEM's professional team will respond and manage any Cyber-Attack on your organization. After we detected the incident we move to contain, investigate and remediate. CybeSIEM's experts will help you reduce time of response and even prevent potential damage.

Threat Hunting

CyberSIEM experts will actively search across the collected data, analyze it to find anomalies, suspicious activities, and signs of threats. Our goal is always to be one step ahead of the attackers in order to prevent or at least, minimize their damage.

Security in the palm of your hand

CyberSIEM’s Unique Application helps you manage your Cybersecurity operation like a real SOC.

  • View and React to 24/7 real-time alerts or even escalate to Incident Response experts.
  • Get variety of dashboards and graphs
  • Control and manage your monitored products 
  • The Application enables your team to focus on the advanced management and response and improve efficiency
Security APP

Special features

Monitoring Endpoints
Real Time Alerts
End Points
Systems & Servers
All Systems
Windows & Linux
Alert types
Security & all others
OOB rules
+500 Rules & ongoing updates
Flexible – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Keep Alive
Data Retention (for IR & TH purposes)*
Custom made
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